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The Robo-SMS project emerged some time ago as a response to our own needs: having to make ourselves known on the market, reaching clients wherever they are, building quality customer relationships, and all this at a lower cost.

This is how Robo-SMS was born, an application to help you easily keep your customers informed, attract new business, keep your marketing cost low and get a high efficiency rate.

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An API for sending SMS messages is the fastest and easiest way to send automated bulk SMS messages directly from your own platform. Robo SMS API allows developers to integrate on their applications and send the sms campaign to all contacts, helping them save considerable time and money. Robo SMS API allows you to connect your internal software or CRM to our SMS gateway, sending SMS messages just like you would on our platform, but at just a click of button in your own system.

Our support team is here to answer all your questions and help you take your first steps out in the world of Bulk SMS. Click "Learn More" to get our Robo SMS API and start your campaign.

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Who needs Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS can be easily used in all industries, whether we are referring to banks and insurance companies, e-commerce, travel agencies, healthcare, retailers, entertainment or gaming. With an extensive outreach, instant delivery, higher response rate and low costs, Robo SMS is one of the best ways to promote your business, connect with clients and save money.

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is one of the largest entertainment sections that uses Bulk Sms as an affordable marketing tool, with milions of customers, some of which have low or inexistent access to the internet. Not all your clients use the internet and using Robo SMS is a great way of reaching this segment.

Travel agencies

Tourism is another large segment that relies on Bulk SMS, as this marketing tool allows tour operators to easily connect with clients in a timely manner. Information is essential when it comes to last minute offers, new destinations, confirming reservations and payments, ticket booking and the list goes on.


Making life easier for people is the main concern for healthcare companies, as it is ours to help you keep a close connection with your clients. Robo SMS offers a channel embraced by healthcare companies that helps send vital information to patients: appointments, cancellations, alerts for vaccines, medicine reminders, promotional treatments.


E-commerce is rapidly expanding as people get busier and busier everyday and need faster and more reliable service. Robo SMS is a great tool to use for customer retention, transmitting offers and special deals, two factors authentification and even customer service.

Banks and insurance companies

The banking sector requires highly secured services, with an accent on confidentiality, efficiency and reliability. Robo SMS offers solutions for balance information, payment reminders, one time pin codes, direct debit notifications with the utmost confidentiality and security.


More and more retailers have used the internet to increase their revenues and it has worked like a charm, some stores collecting more from online shops than physical shops. Using Robo SMS will help you send limited time offers to your clients, send in stock notifications, delivery confirmations, payments confirmations, delivery status and get amazing reviews from your happy customers.

Educational system

Robo SMS is a very useful communication tool for schools and kindergartens, as you can quickly share vital information with parents regarding school attendance, parent - teacher meetings, examination dates, school closure and various notifications.

Couriers and logistics

Sms technology allows logistic companies to increase efficiencies by offering fast and reliable information to their partners, without having to use emails, fax or plain traditional phone calls, reducing human errors and keeping a low budget as well. Couriers can easily use Robo SMS to inform clients of their deliveries at a decided time, tracking packages or the status of the consignment.


One of the busiest industry around the globe is aviation, where delivering fast and precise information is the key to having recurring customers. Robo SMS is the perfect tool to use for flight schedules, ticket confirmation, flight delays, last minute changes or updates and special offers. Using Robo SMS will allow your company to drastically reduce costs and offer the best airfare to your passengers.

Our working process

4 simple steps to get started.

Create an account
Create an account
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Add a device
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Import your contacts
Send a Bulk SMS campaign
Send a Bulk SMS campaign

Why use Robo SMS

3 Reasons why using Robo SMS will benefit your company

Affordable marketing tool

Affordable marketing tool

Robo Sms has the best prices on the market, starting from 0.0020 euro per sms, no monthly fee and 100 free credits for you to test your campaigns. Your credits never expire and you will have 30 days for a full refund, if Robo SMS is not the the answer for you.

Easy to use platform

Easy to use platform

Robo Sms allows you to create your sms campaign just by using your smartphone, without having to connect to a laptop or desktop. Our platform is friendly and intuitive, so regardless of your technology knowledge, it will be extremely easy to use.

Keep track of your success

Keep track of your success

Tracking your sms campaigns can help you understand what strategies work best for your company and which ones you can use again. Also, measuring the click-through rate gives you an idea of how engaged your clients are with your SMS, allowing you to take further actions in your campaigns.

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Robo SMS will help you change your entire business, reducing your marketing costs drastically, reaching more and more clients, increasing your sales and creating better connections.


What is a promotional SMS?

What is a promotional SMS?

Milions of euro are spent each year for brand and product promotions …

What our clients say

Our clients are extremely important to us and we strive on offering the best service to all our partners. Here are some thoughts on Robo SMS offered by companies that are using our service.

Before using Robo SMS i had my doubts on how my clients would react to receiving a new listing by sms, but within the first week i sold the house to the first buyer that called me after receiving my sms. I will definitely keep using Robo SMS for all my listings.
Using Robo SMS has changed they way we share information with our clients regarding maintenance hours, system updates, available software, by simply connecting our servers to the client data base. We highly recommend Robo SMS.
Working with Robo SMS has really helped save a lot of time and money. It is easier now to inform clients about their products and shipping, especially because some of them have restricted acces to a computer, but everyone has a phone.
Karma Estate
Andreea Ghita

CEO, Karma Estate
Pidgin Host
Alexandru Vlad

Customer Support, Pidgin Host
Coloring Solutions
Vali Enache

Sales Department, Coloring Solutions

Robo SMS Plugins

Send automated text messages to your customers or staff from your existing software and applications using our Wordrepss, PrestaShop or Magento plugin.

If you would like to use Robo SMS on a different platform, other than the ones mentioned above, feel free to contact us. Request another plugin