What is a promotional SMS?

Milions of euro are spent each year for brand and product promotions all over the world. Some marketing campaigns have such a large budget, that it could be considered the GDP of a small country, but here we are talking about the big players, who have been on the market for a really long time and with great financial support. What is there to do when the competition is so wild? How do we reach the customer and how to we determine them to buy our product, without spending a 5 years budget?

We are introducing probably the most efficent and accesible marketing strategy, that ensures you that your message gets to where it was meant to be, rapidly, efficently and with minimum cost.

This tool is called Promotional SMS and you are most definitely used to this marketing technique, but you never believed that it will be appropriate for your type of business

What are the characteristics of Promotional SMS?

Just as the name suggests, the promotional sms is a message that contains a very well phrased text, that urges the client to buy a product or a service. The most frequent texts present different promotions, discount coupons, offers, on sale products for a limited time, stock renewal, stock sale.

Who can benefit from Promotional SMS?

Any company activating in the comercial area, that wants to promote their products or services efficiently and cost effective. We have some examples below regarding the domains that can easily be promoted to the audience:

  • Online shops: new products, stock liquidations, offers, promotions, discount coupons, Black Friday.
  • Types of online shops: clothes and shoes, home appliances, book stores, furniture, internet or telephony services etc.
  • Tourism agencies: new destinations, holiday packages, early booking, last minute, promotions, discounts.
  • Restaurants: breakfast offers for corporate or retirees, promotions, new menu, brunch, corporate events, private events, happy hours.
  • Beauty saloons: 2+1 offers, new services, discounts, package discounts
  • Real estate agencies: new listings, new services, price discounts

    What are the benefits of a sms marketing campaign?

  • Almost instant delivery
  • Over 90% open rate
  • High conversion rate
  • Client focused campaign
  • Instant communication
  • Excellent price compared to all other marketing strategies

    What are the benefits of Robo SMS campaigns?

  • Campaign scheduling for a greater impact
  • Unsubscribe link
  • Sending campaigns only with your smartphone
  • The lowest price per SMS in Romania
  • 24/24 Support
  • Tips for creating an awsome campaign

    If you have not tried this marketing strategy yet, we urge you to start doing so, with Robo SMS. We know how difficult this long road can be, so we are offering you 200 credits as bonus when you create your account, to perform tests and convince yourself that Robo SMS is the ideal marketing partner.