In April this year, the Government of Romania, at the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, adopted probably the most important normative act in the field of tourism, meant to bring Romania to European standards. The Law on Tourism provides for the establishment of Destination Management Organization (OMF) to encourage private-public partnerships. Moreover, the external tourist promotion offices will be re-established in order to restore the direct link between Romania and international tour operators

All these measures are aimed at effectively managing an area that enjoys significant year-to-year growth. In 2018, tourism has grown by almost 10%, attracting more and more Romanian and foreign tourists.

In view of the above, the Romanian hospitality industry needs to find a new efficient strategy of promotion and customer retention, a constant way to keep tourists interested in returning to holidays and choosing local services.

But if there is a solution through which we can promote services, holidays, special offers, but we can also use it for daily hotel management such as reservations, confirmations, check-ins and check-out , payments etc?

Fortunately, Robo SMS is an ideal solution that can combine two extremely important aspects of your business: the promotional side and the transactional side.

SMS Campaigns for Promoting and Retention of Customers

Studies show that young people between the ages of 30 and 35 are much more prone to reap the benefits received through promotional campaigns if they are attractive and advantageous. SMS promotion can be all the more effective since the SMS opening rate is estimated at 98% compared to any other marketing methods.

Marketing campaigns may have different messages, but the result is to urge the customer to purchase a package, make a reservation, or participate in various organized events. Here are some examples of messages that you can use in your campaigns:

Book a 6-day holiday in our hotel and get a 1-night bonus from our side! Send message with HOLIDAY for more information or visit our site for more offers!

Win a 500 RON cruise on offer at our hotel! Book a stay of 3 days and you can win!

You make the reservation, we offer you the breakfast included in the price! Send message with HOTEL text and enter our contest!

Hotel competition is a fierce one, and your message has to be strong, with the greatest impact so that the customer thinks it worthwhile to spend their holiday in your hotel. A satisfied customer will not only return to your location, but will also bring other customers through recommendations, and the chances of winning are much higher. Encourage your guests to recommend the location through various promotional offers:

Recommend your friends using the HOLIDAY100 coupon and you can win a free night in our hotel!

Come along with the gang and we'll reward you with a romantic dinner on the seafront!

Another way you can win your clients' heart (and wallet) is to create partnerships with local retailers or service providers that you can promote to provide diversity and create different ways for customers to feel involved:

We look forward to a free wine tasting from 5-7 May 2019! Hotel Mirage and Vinoteca have prepared a wide range of refined wines!

The most delicious cheese fair is held this weekend in the hotel Mirage garden! Come and taste delicacies offered by Wine & Dine!

Transactional SMS for efficient management

Confirmation of reservations can be made easier by sending an SMS to the client, announcing that their stay has been confirmed. Also, the client may be asked to respond to the message to confirm in turn.

Another way we can provide positive feedback from the client is to send an sms notification a few days before the start of the stay:

Mr. Popescu, we are happy to inform you that on June 15, 2019, your stay begins: We look forward to see you at Str. Aurel Vlaicu no. 25, starting at 12 o'clock for check-in!

Such a notification can be sent automatically via the Robo SMS API and can be programmed into your system easily. It is useful for you as well as for the client, and at the same time brings you closer to the customer, who feels informed and appreciated.

Transactional SMS can be efficiently used to ask feedback to guests in the form of a 3-5 question survey that can be answered directly by SMS:

Mr. Popescu, thank you for your visit! Your opinion is important to us! We invite you to respond to a survey of 3 questions about your experience at our location. Answer YES to give us feedback! When the customer responds to the message, you can send a set of 3 consecutive questions to answer either YES or NO, or 1 to 10 in depending on the content of the question.

The summer season is officially open, and this is the perfect time to test our Bulk SMS software for free. The Robo SMS team is at your disposal with tips and support to help you grow your business and give your customers unforgettable experiences!