Easter holidays are only a few weeks away, but special offers and promotions have already been released. During this time, each trader searches for ways to attract as many customers as possible and increase his revenue. Robo SMS offers you several marketing strategies through SMS marketing campaigns that can attract new customers, increase revenue and reward existing customers.

1. Prepare a strong offer before you start your campaign

Before we start any campaign type, our advice is to outline a well-designed plan to select what type of products or services you want to promote to the public, depending on the field of activity. Surely in your stock there are products that have not enjoyed popularity as you imagined when you purchased them. This is the time to clean the stock through various offers:

"Buy 2 products and get a third free!"

"Buy 2 products and get the thrid for half!"

"Buy in the amount of 200 lei and get a gift from our store!"

2. Earn subscribers to newsletters through contests

Subscriptions to newsletters or blogs are very difficult to gain, customers are increasingly reluctant to subscribe to various websites as they are bombarded with spam. In order to attract their attention, your offer must be very attractive. Here's an example:

"Enlist three friends on our site and win a prize for everyone!"

"Sign up two friends and earn a 20% discount on any product on the site!"

3.Give prizes or discounts for reviews on purchased products

The chances that a customer who has already bought from your site to come back for another shopping session are higher than a customer from the "cold market" to make a purchase. For this reason, customer retention is a very important aspect. Give recurring customers the incentive to buy from your store through various offers:

"We appreciate loyal customers! For your loyalty, we offer a 10% discount on the next order!"

”Your fidelity is rewarded! Click here (link) to get a 10% discount!”

4. Free delivery during holidays

More and more merchants offer free delivery to customers, incurring costs for a higher total earnings. Although it seems ridiculous, the customer response is positive and determines purchases. Many customers are adding extra products to the virtual cart, in the idea that they have saved money on transportation anyway. You can even enter a minimum shopping threshold to activate free shipping and the results will not be delayed.

Why SMS Marketing Campaigns?

During holidays, all traders flood the inbox or post boxes with various flyers, catalogs and offers, in the idea that all of their offers will have the greatest success. Instead, through SMS campaigns, you'll make sure your promotions reach the customer. Statistics show that the opening rate of SMS is 90%, a percentage that far exceeds the opening rate of emails, and the chance that your SMS gets into the trash is much smaller than the probability of a physical catalog to be thrown away directly without being browsed.

Whatever the promotional message, Robo SMS is here for you, offering you the lowest price per SMS in Romania, so your business will flourish!