For marketing purposes, the SMS is known and used in two different ways, each serving specific goals. Promotional SMS and transactional SMS. While the promotional sms is a tool for companies to provide information about offers and promotions, transactional ones are a much better defined goal in relation to various institutions, banks, payment processors etc.

Who can use transactional sms?

The answer is very simple: any company or institution that wants to send information for a specific purpose or to turn you to an action, without a commercial purpose:

  • Information sent to the customer by the bank, financial institution, insurance company, credit card company or payment provider related to that client's account: address, username, login page, password change, etc.
  • Confirmation of payments by bank card, payment processor, PO or any other payment method.
  • Airline information: reservation of a flight, cancellation of a flight, flight number, departure gate, possible delays, changes that may affect a flight that must reach the customer as quickly and as clearly as possible.
  • Transmitting information by e-commerce companies to the customer in connection with an order made: status account, order confirmation, payment confirmation, delivery details.
  • OTP or One Time Password, representing an account login password, bank-related bank-related payment alerts.
  • Information provided by school institutions to parents: note book, meetings with parents, teacher meetings, school tours, various events, celebrations, graduation.
  • Sending transactional bulk messages involves customer consent to receive such information. For this reason, Robo SMS offers its customers the ability to customize messages and include a non-subscription link, thus complying with the data protection rules of individuals. To send transactional messages, your customers need to subscribe to the services you provide.

    Another feature offered by Robo SMS is to customize the message content with the name and surname of the client receiving the message so they are 100% sure that the message is intended for them.

    If your company is medium or large, and the number of customers is exponential, then we suggest using Robo SMS services through the API.

    Robo SMS provides a secure, flexible, and complete gateway method.

    All you have to do is visit our API webpage, where you will find all the necessary information. We offer you customized support for a successful installation.