How do you keep your clients coming back to your business? This is a major question that all companies ask themselves and their marketing teams. Customer loyalty is more and more declining, due to a number of reasons: no loyalty programmes, not focusing on customer experience, lack of unique relevance to the client, not bonding with your clientele on a personal level.

According to, “customers give almost equal weight to a company’s personalization as they do reputation” which actually means that it’s possible that, even if you are a big brand or a well known company and you attract first time buyers, your clients can and will quickly choose your competitor should they present better offers or a more personalised approach.

You might think that with the new GDPR rules clients are more reluctant to sharing their personal information, but this is not true; clients do share phone numbers or emails as long as they feel safe on your website and they know that the information they provide will be put to good use, and that usually means receiving good offers.

This is why a personalised approach is the key. You have your customer information, but do you use it? And how do you use it? Sending an average SMS notification where you just transmit a line of words will not have the impact you desire. Your clients have to feel that you know them, that you know they are buying from you and that you appreciate that and reward them for their efforts. Here at Robo SMS we strive to provide you with the best tools for keeping your clients close to your business. We understand the importance of creating an impact through your sms campaigns and engaging your customers. This is why we created our sms template to include your client’s first and last name, offering you the option to choose how to address them.

If you are using bulk sms campaigns for promotional sms, then having a tailored notification is even more important to your business. We often receive messages such as :”Click here to see our discounts!” or “Get your discount by clicking here!” and you can easily understand why it makes no impact on clients, not to mention that it doesn’t create any type of conversion. On the other hand, receiving an sms notification with your name in it, then it must mean that it’s specifically made for me, hey, they know my name, they know i’ve bought from them before. That is a type of sms that gets your client’s attention and makes them click on your promotional link or visit your website.

Nowadays, companies that value their customer experience, that put clients in the center of their business and focus on personalised messages instead of focusing on product sale have a better chance at keeping their customers loyal.