No matter what your field of expertise is, having a proper marketing plan is nowadays the key to success. A strong and reliable marketing strategy can make you or break you in this era of information. Good marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, especially if you are working with Robo SMS.

We are happy to announce that we have started a brand new collaboration with a Romanian real estate agency, based in the northern part of the capital, by the name of Karma Estate, thus showing that any and all domains can benefit from Bulk SMS Marketing and our services.

Bulk SMS is a powerful channel that helps real estate companies promote their business to a new level and with very little cost. Imagine spending thousands of euros on different types of marketing campaigns and at the end of the month that may or may not bring your agents leads, while the money has already been spent.

Robo SMS can help you reduce your marketing cost by 90% within the first week, without having a monthly subscription and offering you full control of your money.

As our new partner mentioned on their blog, there are numerous advantages of using Robo SMS as your primary marketer, but we would like to add some more advantages:

Generate more leads

Keep your clients close and quickly inform them about your leads

Integrate our platform to your own CRM

Target your clients specifically, by creating lists

High number of replies

Send personalized messages

Schedule your campaigns

Analyze your campaign reports

Test your campaigns and customize them according to your needs: client engagement, brand awareness

Bulk SMS campaigns have the highest open and conversion rates, with an average of 15 minutes time of response, thus it will improve overall ROI in your marketing plan.