Connecting with your clients is the key to success for any type of business. Communication builds a long term relationship which on the long run means constant profit and refferals, which is the best free marketing tool money can’t buy.

But if you are looking for other affordable marketing services, bulk sms is the right thing for your business. Research shows that 98% of all text messages are read with an average of 6 seconds, which means that bulk sms has the highest open rate, bypassing all other methods.

Robo SMS is here to share some great tips on how to create the best SMS campaign for your clients, which you can use over and over again.

Think about what you want to achieve with your campaign: visits to your site, text response, notifications, a phone call. This is an important step in creating the content of your SMS.

Who are your clients? This is the most important question you need to answer, because it will determine whether your product/service will sell or not. Create segments based on gender, age, location, product categories, spend levels, previous purchases and any other category you find relevant. If you were to send an offer for “buy one designer bag, get one free” probably won’t appeal to your male clients, but it would definitely get the attention of all the ladies.

The content of your SMS is again very important and it varies depending on what type of company you are. Keep in mind that you only have 0 characters at your disposal, so the message should contain the most important information, without being too short or too long. Avoid slang and abbreviations, keep a nice and clean content and offer something of immediate value to your clients. Personalize your content so that people know who you are.

Timing enhances the possibility your client will open and read the SMS, so choose wisely. For instance, research shows that Mondays should be avoided, since it is the first working day of the week and people are most likely busy. It is also important that your clients dont’t see the SMS as spam and that they aren’t bothered during the night. Weekends are great, since people have more time and are more relaxed.

Tracking and optimizing your campaigns are important elements, because it gives you the option to observe your client’s behaviour after receiving and reading your SMS. They represent a tool of measurement to help you see what response rate you have and what the ROI is. In order to optimize your campaign, you will have to test content, time of delivery, client segments to find which option is better for you. Keeping your contact lists clean is a great way of saving money and time.

In conclusion, using Bulk SMS as a marketing tool is an effective and accessible method of promoting your business, gaining new clients and keeping old clients loyal. SMS marketing campaigns are easy to follow, track and can provide great analytics.