Authorities are in a constant battle with time when it comes to major situations such as extreme weather phenomena, threatening floods, terrorist attacks or other situations that seriously threaten communities. Informing the population about such possible threats on time can save lives and immediate actions can be taken faster.

Romanian authorities have found the solution: SMS. People can be reached faster, even if they don’t have access to a radio, tv, internet or if they are in an area where there are no terrestrial alerts, because nowadays everyone has a cell phone.

The system implemented by Romanian authorities is called RO-ALERT and it allows the mobile communications antennas in the selected area to broadcast the warning message to all mobile phones operating within their coverage area. The name and phone number of mobile phone users are unnecessary, so they remain unknown.

Mobile phones will display the contents of the warning message automatically, without having to install apps on mobile phones. It does not matter if you have subscription or prepay services and no costs or fees are charged for receiving RO-ALERT messages.

The features of Ro-ALERT system are as follows:

  • Dissemination of warning messages adapted to the imminent event through mobile operator networks;
  • Rapid transmission of messages to all users in the area threatened even under congested conditions, by mobile operator networks;
  • Instantly display messages on the mobile terminal screen without the need for user intervention;
  • Cyclical repetition of alert messages at times;
  • Receiving warning messages by roaming terminals on Romanian territory;
  • Accuracy of warning messages, based solely on information provided by authorized sources.

Warning messages will be sent only in extremely serious situations that may endanger communities. For example, the RO-ALERT system will be used in the RED CODE meteorological warning, the RED CODE warning of floods on unmanaged water courses or other emergency situations. There will be no alerts in case of an earthquake, but should it generate serious consequences, warning messages with appropriate safeguards (eg. emergency delivery points) may be broadcasted to the population.

The system has increased security measures that have been tested to ensure resilience. Access to the message broadcasting interface is only allowed for persons designated by competent authorities to issue alerts to the population.Messaging from the system to mobile networks is routed through private links dedicated to the RO-ALERT system.

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