Sms marketing is one of the most affordable and easy to use tool for your business, no matter your field of expertise or the type of sms bulk campaign, promotional or transactional. Using Robo SMS you can quickly send thousands of tailored text messages directly to your clients, but how can you be sure that you are doing the right thing to attract your clientele? It is easy to use our technology, but it’s not 100% bulletproof, if you don’t have a clear plan or if your campaign is not strong enough. This is why we are here for you, with useful tips for how to avoid common mistakes when sending your campaigns.

Not including Call To Action in every sms campaign
Call To Action is an instruction you give to your clients with the sole purpose to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. You can provide your customers with strong reasons for purchasing your products, if you are advertising a limited time offer or limited stock. Give your clients the sense that if they don’t buy now, they may never have the chance.

2. Lack of clarity in your sms content
Clarity actually represents the quality of being intelligible, transmitting a message easy to read and understand. When creating your content, focus on what you are offering and use familiar and precise language. Forcing your client to read long and boring sentences, just so they buy your product, will probably result in deleting your text. Next time you message them, they will most likely remember you are THAT guy that spams their inbox. Keep it clear, easy to read, no grammar mistakes, with a strong message.

3. Inappropriate time to text your clients
Robo SMS recommends scheduling your sending sms campaigns at times of great importance. Too early in the morning or too late in the evenings can do more harm to your clients and will end up having negative results rather than what you expected. It’s like receiving a call from someone when you are about to go to bed or getting woken early in the morning by someone who wants to sell you something. Also, we suggest a maximum of 2 campaigns per week, since repeated promo texts can irritate individuals and result in the disinterest of your client.

4. Generic campaigns
Robo SMS has the option to create distinctive contact lists and we strongly recommend you use this feature when sending bulk sms campaigns. Your clients are different, starting with age, location, gender. It’s easier to create one list and one campaign, thinking that it will save you time (or money) but tailoring your content is the key to success. Sending relevant information to clients will ensure you and effective campaign which will result in higher revenue.

5. Not using a text message platform
We are sure that by now you know why sms marketing is a great tool to use to increase your business, but why use Robo SMS? Using a designated platform, like Robo SMS, has multiple advantages, one them being that you save a lot of time. Texting each client can be very demanding and it will use the time you need to focus on other matters of your business. Scheduling your campaigns is also a major advantage, because you can use the campaigns templates that have worked for you in the past, such as discounts, special offers, stock refill, limited time sales. Work smater and faster!