Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the most effective and affordable way to increase your company’s profit and be present on the market. Cell phones are the most used items in people’s everyday life, starting early in the morning by reading the latest news up until the last thing they check before going to bed.

Before using this tool for your company, you have to know the 2 types of Bulk SMS, what they do and how you can use this type of marketing according to your business profile.

Bulk SMS Marketing is divided into Transactional Bulk Sms and Promotional Bulk SMS and we will address both in the following article.

Transactional Bulk SMS

This type of Bulk SMS contains information about a transaction, a service or product, that have been solicited by a client. Transactional Bulk SMS is commonly used for courier companies, travel agencies, airlines, educational system, healthcare system.

Courier companies use this tool to announce deliveries to customers and simplify the tracking of their products.

Travel Agencies find it easier to transmit information regarding bookings, tickets, confirmations, but they also use Bulk SMS as a Promotional tool, in order to advertise new offers, destinations etc.

The Airlines industry has cut back costs drastically by using Bulk SMS in order to transmit notifications to their passengers such as gate numbers, tickets, last minute changes, booking confirmations, flight informations and so on. Because receiving an sms is done instantly, passengers can see the notifications easier and manage their time more efficiently.

The Educational System has used Transactional Bulk SMS for notifications regarding school schedule, students attendance, report cards, exams, teacher- parent meetings and different announcements.

The Healthcare System is benefiting Transactional Bulk SMS by reducing the number of patients who miss their doctor’s appointment and therefore saving a lot of money and time. This method can be used for reminding patients of their prescriptions and medication scheme.

Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional Bulk SMS facilitates your company in sending new offers, promotions, coupons and discounts and will have a huge impact on your sales. With a high return and low cost, this marketing tool is very effective and will help boost your company’s income, also helping you reduce your costs. Promotional Bulk SMS is used by retailers, e-commerce companies, travel agencies, real estate, insurance companies and banks and the list goes on.

Retailers use Promotional Bulk SMS to send their clients new offers, discounts, coupons, limited offers or special deals and even stock replenishment.

E-commerce refers to a very wide industry, basically anything you can sell or buy online. Promotional Bulk SMS is the best tool to use in order to increase your profit, because it’s fast and reliable. In a world where information is key, being the first to make yourself know on the market with your products or services can really make a differnce.

Real Estate agents can use Promotional Bulk SMS to inform potential buyers of new listings added to their portfolio.

Insurance companies and banks use Bulk SMS for both Transactional and Promotional purposes, on one hand offering notifications about the services clients are already using, such as insurance expiration dates, transactions, statements and on the other presenting new offers, promotions and so on.

We hope that reading this article has convinced you that Bulk SMS is the solution for your company. Robo SMS is an affordable marketing tool that will help your business grow, offer better services to your clients and save your money.